SINCE 1884 Scottish Association for Marine Science

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) is Scotland’s largest and oldest independent marine science organisation, delivering marine science for a productive and sustainably managed marine environment through innovative research, education and engagement with society.

Based near Oban on the Scottish west coast, our marine research and teaching portfolio is diverse in topic and discipline, global in outlook, project locations and relevance, and delivered by a SAMS team with can-do attitude working in partnership with academic, business, government, regulatory, voluntary and civic society colleagues.

SAMS from above

WATCH OUR FILM Sir John Murray : The Man Who Challenged The Deep

A Short film about the life and legacy of Sir John Murray (1841-1914); the founding father of modern Oceanography and the key figure behind the world famous Challenger Expedition. The film was made for the 130th anniversary of the Scottish Association for Marine Science